Cedar Crest Properties is a real estate investment firm focused on delivering solutions to property owners looking to sell. We’re problem-solvers and straight-shooters with the ability to quickly buy your property for a fair price.


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We love calling Denver home and pride ourselves on elevating each and every neighborhood we touch. In practice, this means strategically improving every property we buy – and in turn, increasing property values in your neighborhood as we go. We invest in Denver’s future through a three-pronged model. We only select properties that are a good fit for one of the following categories:

When market research shows a home will perform well as a rental, we hold the home and pursue improvements that tenants enjoy.

We have a strong history of purchasing homes, making smart renovations and then selling our beautiful homes to happy buyers.

If it makes sense to remove a home and build new, we have a hand in revitalizing neighborhoods.

  • Selling my home with Cedar Crest Properties was as painless as I could ask for. The crew was professional and honest with me the entire process. I was skeptical to use an investment real estate company, but they even helped me find my new home. I highly recommend using Cedar Crest if you want to sell without fixing up, listing, and showing your house on the market. - Christopher P.

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